What are WonderBats made of?

WonderBats are made with a treated wood composite panel product that was developed for applications in exterior and high moisture interior environments. It is manufactured from wood chips and phenolic resins, which makes it resistant to moisture. It has a uniform density and thickness compared to wood, which means there are more consistent physical properties throughout the board making it resistant to warping. It is environmentally friendly; no old growth timber is used to make it. Instead, byproducts from sawmill operations and forest thinnings are converted into the wood chips which are used to create the material that WonderBats are made. Also, because this material is made using phenolic resins it has essentially no formaldehyde emissions.

Do you need to wire off when using WonderBats?

No. The material they made of is porous and performs similar to plaster. When the clay reaches the leather-hard stage it will release from the WonderBat.


Do WonderBats need to be waterproofed?

No. If fact we strongly recommend against it. The material they are made out of is extremely water resistant but is also porous which it why they perform similar to plaster. If they are sealed or waterproofed it can greatly reduce or eliminate their ability to release when the clay becomes leather-hard.


Why is a custom woodworking company making pottery bats?
The owner took up pottery as a hobby and was very disappointed in the bats that were available. They were of poor quality (masonite or particle board) or expensive and fragile (plaster type) or required wiring off (plastic), so he made his own. The other potters in the studio where he was learning noticed how well they worked and asked if he could make some for them as well. Soon, potters from other studios were asking for them and so the decision was made to produce WonderBats.