WonderBats are extremely durable and only require a few simple steps to maintain them.



  • To get the clay to stick to WonderBats when they are new, wipe the throwing surface of the WonderBat with a wet sponge and then wipe off any excess moisture with a dry towel.
  • When throwing on WonderBats there is no need to wire-off. When the clay reaches the leather-hard stage it will release from the WonderBat.
  • WonderBats do not need to be waterproofed, in fact we strongly recommend against it. The material they are made out of is extremely water resistant, but is also porous, which it why they perform similar to plaster. If they are sealed or waterproofed it can greatly reduce, or eliminate, their ability to release when the clay becomes leather-hard.


  • We do not recommend cleaning WonderBats when dry by scraping them due the hazards associated with clay dust.
  • When washing WonderBats, be sure to moisten both surfaces equally. A mild detergent can be used if needed. They can be fully immersed if desired.
  • WonderBats should be dried on edge with adequate spacing between them. A dish rack works well for this.
  • Do not lay WonderBats flat when drying them. This can lead to them becoming dished. If this happens, thoroughly wet both surfaces of the affected WonderBat and dry on edge as described above.



  • WonderBats should be thoroughly dried, as described above, before storage.
  • WonderBats can be stored on edge or flat as desired.

Additional Notes for 6" Square WonderBats and Bat Adapters

  • New 6" Square WonderBats will have a loose fit within the Bat Adapter, with use the fit will tighten up.
  • Some potters may find that the fit between the 6" Square WonderBat and the Bat Adapter may become too tight.  This is often the case with potters that throw extremely wet. If this happens, the following step should correct this problem.
    1. Thoroughly clean the 6" Square WonderBats and the Bat Adapter as described above taking care to remove all clay residue from the outside edge of the square bats and the inside edge of the adapter.
    2. Allow the 6" Square WonderBats and the Bat Adapter to dry completely, at which point the fit between them should be restored.
    3. Seal the outside edge of the square bat and the inside edge of the adapter with wax resist. Take care to only put wax resist on the edges and not on the surface of the bats.
          4. After the wax resist has dried, scrape off any excess wax from the edges of the bats and adapter, and lightly polish the waxed edges with a dry paper towel